Valentine's Day Sweet Box (SENDBOX)

Valentine's Day Sweet Box (SENDBOX)

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Valentine's Day SWEET BOX SPECIAL!

Now for the first time available to NL as a postal sendbox!

Celebrate your love or treat yourself with this delicious Valentine's Day special Sweet Box.

These flavors are in this beautiful sweet box:

  • 1x red velvet cupcake met vanilla buttercream
  • 2x vanilla fondant cookie
  • 1x slice of crushed oreo brownie decorated with white chocolate ganache, sprinkles and an edible dried rose (the brownie is a little different from the photo, it won't fit in the letterbox otherwise)
  • 2x macarons filled with white chocolate ganache and homemade strawberry jam decorated with sprinkles
  • 4x meringues
  • 1x sprinkled marbled heart popsicle made with chocolate cake with homemade salted caramel filling!
  • 1x sprinkled magnum popsicle made of red velvet cake with white chocolate crisps
  • 1x sprinkled geo heart filled with vanilla cake mixed with biscoff crumbs and biscoff filling

Guaranteed success as a surprise, but also simply delicious for yourself or your family.