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Cupcake Buddy Leeuwarden specializes in luxurious stylish cupcakes and cakes in Leeuwarden. Our cakes are made with a lot of passion and you can use them in all directions. For example, we make wedding cakes to order, possibly in combination with matching cupcakes. Or cakes for birthday parties or holidays, like the Super Mario and Fortnite cakes shown at the bottom of this page

Each cake is special and made with care, because they not only have to look beautiful, they have to be soft and creamy on the inside and at the same time surprise with a tasty filling. There are many possibilities, such as a drip cake, watercolor cake, pastel colored cake, cake with figures of edible paper, fondant figures, edible flowers or regular flowers for decoration... and so on.

Our cakes are minimalistic with soft colours and accents, elegant, beautiful and delicious! View a selection of our previous cakes below!

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Cute, Surprising and Fresh

This beautiful pistachio mini cake with raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream is deliciously soft on the inside with the warm nutty flavor of pistachio and surprises with the fresh taste of the filling made from fresh raspberries.

Even the flowers and butterfly are edible and complete the presentation.

An elegant, airy pleasure

This simple but elegant cake take you to the clouds! This vanilla sponge cake with strawberry and mascarpone cream cheese filling, covered with cream cheese, garnished with a white chocolate drip and fresh forest fruits, makes every airy and creamy bite with fruit accent a moment to enjoy.

Cupcakes and still something to cut

It can be wonderful to present a display table or etagere full of special cupcakes from Cupcake Buddy, but we are often told that people also want to cut something. A mini cake is therefore the perfect addition: this way you can cut something and turn it into a beautiful moment as well as give your guests a special experience with our cupcakes. Because a very beautiful and delicious cupcake from Cupcake Buddy simply gives a little more body to the snack than a slice of cake. A cupcake is actually a mini mini cake per person, complete with decoration and optional filling, so that really adds something. A wonderful luxury for your guests that fits perfectly with your anniversary, and still be able to cut cake!

Elegant, Minimalistic, Stylish. Delicious.

Cupcake Buddy's style is characterized by minimalism with impact. After all, this delicious cakes doesn't boast many different elements, but still looks luxurious and inviting.
A smooth chocolate cake, filled with multiple layers of white ganache, covered with vanilla buttercream and edible flowers.

Mini cakes for holidays and festivals.

This beautiful colourful mini cake for the Indian Holi festival is a real eye catcher. A delicious vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream; deliciously simple and simply delicious!

Give presents home

Cakes are very nice, cute and beautiful to cut and to create a nice moment. But it doesn't have to end there: you can also prepare cupcake boxes per cupcake, for example. Cupcake Buddy makes beautifully decorated boxes of one cupcake to order, often with ribbons and dried flowers. The nice thing about this is that you can tailor the box and cupcake to your theme. This is not only beautiful, it is also guaranteed to leave a unique memory for the guests.

So if you are looking for cake, you're at the right address, but also think of the possibilities with cupcakes!

Theme cakes with edible prints

With edible paper you can really do anything, take for example this cute Super Mario mini birthday cake: the flawless background gradient colours made with buttercream mesh perfectly with the printed figures pasted on top. By crafting the fondant clouds you gain a little bit of depth, making this fun mini cake even more playful.

Mini cakes are delivered in this beautifully decorated bell jar.

Not only the mini cakes are beautiful, also the bell jar in which the cakes are packages are tastefully decorated, often with ribbons and dried flowers. Tasteful luxury, without taking away from the content that matters.

Fortnite mini cake for grandson

Sharda: Beautifully made, delicious in taste service 👍👍 had ordered both mini cake + cupcakes from fortnite, made wonderfully and delivered nicelyyyy packed👌👌 everyone was impressed and couldn't keep the kids away from it! My grandson was over the moon 😍😍SUPERRR 👍👍

Mouth Watering Excess

Sometimes you just want pure indulgence, like this dream for real chocoholics. A chocolate cake made with dried cranberries, filled with chocolate truffle and chocolate cream cheese. Covered with milk chocolate ganache and topped with a dark chocolate drip. Mountains of chocolates, berries and Oreo cookies for decorations!!

If that doesn't make your mouth water, then we don't know what will.

With Cupcake Buddy you're at the right address for a (mini) cake in style!

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