Sample and savor or customize your own cake?

Are you getting married or have something else to celebrate? Do you want to put a little more time into planning your cake? Or are you curious about cake possibilities or perhaps you just want to be pampered?

You can also book a tasting session with Cupcake Buddy!

Of course we know that the tasting session is completely worth it, but Gwen and Erik tell it much better after they went to taste for their wedding cake:

"Everything tasted amazing😍 The flavours that we chose are 1) pistache cake with raspberry jam and white chocolate ganache 2) vanilla cake with strawberry confiture and champagne buttercream. Indeed it was really hard to decide 🙈 It was an amazing experience and Remya was extremely nice! Thank you once more❤️" ( )

Would you also like to join us for a fun experience and a delicious tasting? Contact us and ask for the flavors!

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