Order Cupcakes in Leeuwarden

Ordering cupcakes and cupcake delivery

Cupcake Buddy makes ordering cupcakes easy and fast

Have fresh cupcakes delivered to Leeuwarden? At Cupcake Buddy you can quickly and easily order cupcakes with many different flavors and toppings. Our cupcakes are of authentic home bakery quality and made fresh with passion every day. Cupcakes from Cupcake Buddy do not only taste great, they also look fantastic, because we have the latest cupcake trends, designs and colors.

Our custom designer cupcakes and cupcakes

Our beautiful Basic Cupcakes are cupcakes with proven solid designs perfect for coffee or tea, high teas, or during the weekend with your family or grandchildren. At Cupcake Buddy you can also have cupcakes custom made and delivered, because we bake these Special Cupcakes exactly the way you want to order them or leave it to our imagination and we will come up with something unique for you. Our cupcakes are therefore perfect for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Easter, gender reveal parties, baby showers, birth treats, King's Day and so on. They also look great on a cake stand or an etagere, so you can display them beautifully for your guests!

Surprise someone with a cupcake gift!

Our cupcakes are beautifully packaged in elegantly decorated boxes that you can have as gifts delivered! Send flowers? Send us a box of Chocolate Love cupcakes! Provided with, for example, a ribbon, string, dried flower or something else. A party to order and make someone else happy.